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Carman Ford’s 7 Favorite Wilmington, Delaware Restaurants

Posted at Wed, Dec 14, 2022 12:30 PM

Carman Ford’s 7 Favorite Wilmington, Delaware Restaurants

While driving is the ultimate experience and no one gets you into the best car for you like Carman Ford, sometimes the destination is just as important as the journey. Carman Ford gives you the 7 best restaurants (and breweries) in Wilmington, Delaware. This is the definitive guide to getting the most out of your hard earned dollars for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Sleeping Bird

Sleeping Bird Coffee

If you imagine Wilmington, Delaware with no coffee or baked goods you might find yourself looking for real estate across state lines. Luckily, Sleeping Bird Coffee offers you not only amazing drip coffee, handcrafted lattes and teas but they make all of their baked goods from scratch daily. So when you’re looking for a fresh cinnamon roll or bread to go with your old bay latte, head over to Sleeping Bird Coffee located on Miller Road in Wilmington.


Wilmington Brew Works

Some people date the invention of beer back to 7000 BCE in Ancient China. Some date the general structure of modern fermentation back to 3500 BCE in Mesopotamia. Some believe beer appeared one day in a fridge in their local liquor store. Whatever you believe and wherever you think beer comes from, Wilmington Brew Works can get you beer from glass to face faster than you can snap your fingers.

Not only does this wonderful brewery provide you the liquid sustenance you desire, it makes sure it’s delicious. Wilmington Brew Works, or WBW for short, crafts both ciders and beers ranging from light and sweet, hoppy and bitter to smooth, dark and rich. So whatever mood you’re in or whatever flavor palette you desire, our favorite Wilmington brewery always delivers.



Good food is almost synonymous with the name Bardea in Wilmington, Delaware. Located on Market Street since 2018, Bardea has already been met with Acclaim from James Beard, Delaware Today and has even been featured on the Today Show. Aside from accolades, Bardea produces some of the best Italian Food this side of the Atlantic.

From hand picked whole fish seafood dishes, gorgeous dry aged steaks worthy of a kings palette and house made pasta dishes, Bardea is a God send for those unafraid of an extra carbohydrate. Let’s not forget about cocktails and liquids. Since the beginning, Bardea has offered first in class hydration, offering premium sparkling and still water options. In terms of libation, Bardea offers a wide selection of cocktails you can only find in their Wilmington, Delaware location.


SIW Farmers Market

Perhaps the biggest surprise on our list of best restaurants in Wilmington, Delaware is the SIW Farm Stand that’s not even in Wilmington. Now you may be thinking that this ranking is invalid as a) it’s not a restaurant and b) it’s not even in Delaware! You’re right. But that doesn’t make SIW any less great nor does it remove it from the list. 

Located less than half a gallon of gas away from Wilmington, SIW is located in Chadds Ford, PA in the Delaware Valley. Just off the road in a small patch of gravel surrounded by sycamore trees and cornfields, the small farm stand offers the freshest produce and consumables in our area. What really pushed this place onto our list is its offerings of private farm-to-table dinners and Saturday Dinners that feature delicious smoked meats and homemade fixings. 

j's cafe

J’s Café

Four dollar breakfast sandwiches? Check. An endless amount of deli combinations for you to choose from? Check. The best French fries you’ve ever had? Triple check! Janssens market has long since provided Wilmington and Greenville with the finest groceries in the area but many are surprised to know that the café attached has some of the best breakfast and lunch options too!

If you love fast and you love choices you’ll absolutely fall in love with J’s café. Upon entering the café you’ll be greeted with a large touch screen offering you breakfast, lunch and specials options. From there the possibilities are endless. From omelet’s breakfast sandwiches topped with anything you can think of to deli sandwiches, wraps and salads, there truly is something for everyone at J’s Café. 


Crow Bar

As in the bird, not the tool. The Crow Bar is a prime example of what good, neighborhood food should look and taste like. Their menu is small, yet filled with dishes like Korean Fried Chicken Bao Buns, Birria Tacos, Whole Roasted Bronzini and so much more. Open at 5, the Crow Bar is the quintessential local Dinner spot. 


Trolley Tap House

Covid changed a lot. It even changed the face and identity of an entire restaurant. The Trolley Tap House is a prime example of what change is usually for the better looks like. Boasting some of the coolest interior designs in the area, this trolley bar has outdone itself both gastronomically and in form. 

As of August, the Trolley Tap House has begun to provide hand crafted creations from their brand new kitchen including menu items such as: Pork Belly Pincho Skewers, Waffle Fry Boats, Wagyu and Smash Burgers and many more delicious options. Of course their new menu boasts tons of delicious beer options on tap too. But wait! There’s more. The Tap House menu even has something for your doggies. So the next time you and your best friend go to Trolley, order a Frosty Paw ice cream so everyone’s happy. 

Carman Ford

Whether it’s a night out on the town, a quaint breakfast or a quick pitstop, you’ll need a great vehicle to get you there. Carman Ford has got your back! Offering an excellent selection, great value and wonderful service. We’ll help you find the perfect car to get you on the road to your next favorite new spot in no time. Carman Ford, Wilmington, Delaware’s number one Ford dealership!

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